Madam Dee

DominatriceI am Madam Dee, formally of Oxfordshire, UK, but now resident in Andalucia, Spain, in a quiet region near Cadiz, in the Costa del Luz. I am a slim, attractive lady, but this only serves to hide my truly dominant nature; I am very strict, with many years experience, both as a Lifestyle, and a Professional dominatrix. A number of my slaves regularly travel around the world so they can relinquish control to me, and I really enjoy the total power exchange, as my slave lays helplessly bound, at my feet, waiting in fear, and anticipation, for what will happen to him, or her, next! I am very understanding to your needs, and I will always respect your limits, but you can be sure they will be tested, and pushed to the ends of your endurance levels.

Be warned, I will only be satisfied by your complete and total submission, and worship!
Don't forget, once you enter my domain, "You will have no say in the matter." So why not just enjoy the experience!

Ville : Cadix-Costa de la Luz

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